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Which model you choose will depend a lot on the sound you prefer and on the type of music you usually play. If you are a symphony musician or play lots of small ensemble, chamber music or club jazz, you'll probably get a better fit with an OPERA-545. This sound fits well with the kind of music that might normally be played on a Bach-1 or 1 ½ C. If you play lots of lead, or even second trumpet, and are required to play for hours, mostly in the high register (from G just above the staff to G above high C), you may want to select a LEAD-342, or, if you prefer a little less resistance, the LEAD-342M. These mouthpieces have an aggressive, brutal sound with lots of edge. They’re more open (not stuffy) in the high register than typical high register mouthpieces like the Schilke 13A4a or 6A4a or other high register mouthpieces, due primarily to an optimized backbore design.

If you play a wider, less specialized range of music and are looking for a mouthpiece that will fit well into a variety of playing situations, such as solo work, church work, school stage band, small jazz group, or a brass ensemble etc., i.e. anything that would normally be played on a Bach 3C, 7C or 10 ½ C, -- the Asymmetric 3C+-544 would be a more appropriate choice. This mouthpiece has just a tad less edge than the LEAD-342 or LEAD-342M and may blend a little better. And, more edge can be brought on with this mouthpiece in a controlled fashion when needed, basically by increasing volume. All of this having been said, however, there are notable exceptions.

Neil Champagne, the player playing the Christmas carol, “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” (found on www.asymmetric-mouthpiece.com, by using the, “Asymmetric Sound Bites” link), shows the versatility of the LEAD-342 from soft and intimate to all out high and screaming, from low A to double high C! Other players use the LEAD-342 for solo, lead, jazz, and classical work, because of complimentary comments from audiences and fellow band members , -- probably the most valuable kind of response you can get. Sound, and personal preference, therefore, must be factored into your decision.

Sound is very important; possibly you may want to listen to some Asymmetrics being played in various combinations with C and B flat trumpets (short video examples can be found on Nick Drozdoff’s web site, www.nickdrozdoff.com, and on You Tube). Or maybe you’ll choose them all, – many players do. Whatever you choose, you’ll have the Asymmetric advantages of higher range, bigger sound and doubled endurance. All of the Asymmetrics are very strong up to double B flat and have been tested to go up to double C and above, without breaking up, i.e. the Asymmetric technology will give you a step increase toward becoming a significantly better player, just by changing your mouthpiece. Isn’t this what we all want?

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