The New Asymmetric Trumpet Mouthpiece

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The Asymmetric's cup shape complexity requires these mouthpieces to be manufactured using ultra-high-speed, state of the art, CNC multi-axis equipment. This necessitates the use of three- dimensional surface-generating and tool path technology with typically over 3000 program steps to cut each Asymmetric cup. And during the design phase, in some cases, reverse engineering from epoxy/brass prototypes was used which involved coordinate mapping of cup and backbore inside surfaces with point clouds averaging typically 1000 points for a single cup surface.
Assistance with this work was provided by Small Business Initiative programs at, SANDIA National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM), and by the, ROBERT C. BYRD Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing (Huntington, WV), to whom Asymmetric will be forever indebted